Thursday, November 22, 2007


About me...........

I'am: Lovable....kidding..Harriet
I want: success, to love, be loved, teach and be taught, learn and listen, care,joy, peace, happiness......alot more....:)
I have: you
I wish: i could vanish
I hate: spiders
I miss: you

I fear: losing someone of great value to me..and not being able to live life
I hear: music
I regret: not reahing out enough......lending a helping hand
I love: singing
I dance: definitely
I sing: everything
I cry: When I'm happy i shed tears of joy and when I'm sad, i.........?...i....aaaw nevermind u know
I confuse: myself sometimes...LOL
I need to learn: alot!
I should: thankful to my heavenly Father, for waking me up, with a beautiful sunrise every morning, and for loving me, and for giving me the oppertunity to know someone as special as YOU!

1. Keep a diary? no....used to.
2. Keep a secret? Yes
3. Set your watch a few minutes ahead? yes, to be an early bird!
4. Bite your fingernails? NO
5. Believe in love? oooooh yes

[ DO YOU ]
1. Have a crush? Yes
2. Think you've been in love? no....I have been
3. Have any tattoos? NO
4. Have any piercings? yes, ears, naval and nose
5. Think you are a health freak? junkfood.

1. Color: blue
2. Month: January
3. Song: Gallery-Mario Vasques and the Verdict's it!
4. Food: Pizza

5. Season: Winter
6. Drink: Coffee
7. Vegetable: Potatoes
8. Fruit: Mangoes

9. Fast food: Stears

1. Eat a bug? no - gross
2. Bungee jump? yes3. Hand glide? I dunno
4. Kill someone? NEVER
5. Parachute from a plane? Maybe
6. Walk on hot coals? no
7. Go out to eat with a complete stranger? no
8. Be a vegetarian? tried it for a week - not easy!
9. Wear plad with stripes? what!?!?!?
10. IM a stranger? who me? no
11. Sing karaoke? yes
12. Run a red light? no
13. Dye your hair blue? nope
14. Be on Survivor? yes - to lose weight
15. Make someone cry? not purposely
16. Kick a baby? no - WHAT!?!?!?
17. Stay up all through the night? I do that every night and wake up at 11 am

Well...........that's enough.......if you want to know know where to find me....:)